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  1. Hmmm… well I’m just getting started on this Blog stuff.. But I believe that the best ones start off with total honesty. My Name is Gladys Esparza. I was Born September 17,1997 in Mexico. “Gasps” Yes i said Mexico.! Lol Tampico Tamaulipas to be exact. My mother crossed the border when i was a little over a year old. She went threw the hot desert and the deep “Rio Grande”.!! She came through Texas till she landed in Fl. Where my Sister was with my Grandma and my Dad. I don’t remeber much of him as i was really young.. there are two memories I have of him.. 1. Him beating my Mother for the fact that she confronted him about taking some money from her that she was saving up for me to have a birthday party, And 2. Him putting on my seatbelt before my momma took of to my grammas after that incident. The day after, my momma made the decision to move up to Mississippi. We had Family up there and she was trying to get away…. Im sleepy so I’ll continue tomorrow Goodnight every One hope to catch y’all Tomorrow with the rest.